Mole removal is a process to remove dark spots or irregularities from the skin. Moles are skin features that can be present since birth, or they can develop over time. They occur on various places of the body, and they can differ in shape, size, and color.

People choose to pursue mole removal treatments for both cosmetic and preventative medical reasons. Our office in Mason, Ohio, performs both surgical and laser treatments to surgically remove moles for cosmetic reasons.

Laser mole removal is good for small black or brown moles that do not protrude above the skin. Fully removing the mole typically requires one to three laser treatments.

We offer three types of surgical mole removal, which are:

  • Shave Excision – good for moles raised above the skin; involves a member of our team applying a local anesthetic and shaving the surface of the mole so it’s flush with the skin
  • Punch Biopsy – good for small moles; involves a member of our team using a special device to “punch out” a cylinder-shaped piece of skin
  • Excisional Surgery – good for flat or malignant moles; involves a member of our team surgically cutting out the mole

The procedure chosen will depend on you, your goals, and your body.


Skin tags, or acrochordons, are small, soft skin growths that, while usually benign and harmless, can be frustrating to deal with. Some of them go unnoticed and naturally, painlessly fall off, but they can be noticeable and require extra help to remove.

Skin tags commonly occur on the underarms, eyelids, groin folds, the base of the neck, and under the breasts. They range in appearance, but are commonly smooth or slightly wrinkled, and can be slightly browner than the flesh or otherwise irregular in color. Some skin tags hang from the skin.

Our team offers a variety of skin tag removal options, such as:

  • Removing with scissors
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Burning

For your comfort, appropriate anesthesia can be used during treatment depending on the size of the skin tag as well as what you want.

Skintology MD Cream : A Safe Way To Remove Moles & Skin-Tags

Skintology MD Cream can effectively remove those unpleasant warts and moles from the user’s face. The Internet is loaded with bazillions of ways to remove warts, moles, and skin tags.

Traditionally moles and marks on face and body can only be removed by a dermatologist or a plastic surgery using scalpel, cryosurgery, and recently laser. Though laser is a convenient surgery and there is no bleeding involved but there are chances of scar formation. One should consult a doctor or plastic surgeon before undergoing this surgery.

Skinotology MD (skin) cream is made using potent ingredients which fade the moles, blemishes, skin-tags till the time they become invisible. On regular topical application, the cream promises the user a flawless looking skin.


This Skinotology MD Cream contain all natural ingredients.

How Does it Work?

Skintology MD skincare Cream only contains herbal and natural ingredients unlike its counterparts. Most of the topical mole removal creams contain bloodroot which is a kind of an acid. When these creams are applied regularly, they dissolve the mole. Also, the success of these creams depends upon the size of the mole.

One should take great care while using these creams in order to avoid skin damage. However, the above-mentioned cream doesn’t contain any chemicals hence it can a without any worries.

The makers offer a 30-day money back guarantee if the user is dissatisfied with the product. This could be a good enough reason to try out the product as the makers seem to be confident about the same. So, what are you waiting for? Click the below-given button and get your skin tag removal cream now.

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