What is Revitol Anti-Aging Cream?

Revitol Anti Aging Moisturizing Cream represents a class of advanced anti-aging serums that are just now hitting the market. New research into how we can better utilize natural botanicals and extracts to reduce the signs of aging and restore youthful appearance has been the driving force behind Lucent’s advanced anti-aging serum and formula.

Revitol’s Anti Aging Cream is developed by doctors and made from the purest and highest grade natural ingredients designed to work well with a wide range of skin types. The natural formulation was created with sensitivity in mind and has a very little risk of skin irritation.

Benefits of Revitol Anti Aging Cream

  • Diminishes wrinkles and wrinkle depth
  • Plumping 24-hour moisture
  • Reduces puffiness and calms the skin
  • Brightens skin tone, reduces dark circles
  • Improves elasticity and firms skin
  • Botox alternative
  • The powerful anti-aging ingredient list
  • 90-day money back guarantee

of Revitol Anti Aging Cream

When it comes to restorative and preventative anti-aging formulas, the ingredients are what really matters. Let’s dig deeper into what goes into this revolutionary formula below…


Shea butter is a wonder of nature. This natural “fat” is extracted from the nuts of the African Shea tree and has wondrous anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It is also rich in vitamins F, E, and A, as well as providing UV protection rated up to SPF 6.


This all-natural, proprietary formula, has been proven to enhance elasticity and firmness while enhancing the moisture retentive properties of your skin. All of which work to rejuvenate your appearance and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


As recently as 2013, researchers from the University of Reading uncovered that Matrixyl has the potential to almost double your skin’s natural ability to produce protein collagen. And more collagen production means a fuller appearance and more vibrant skin.

In fact, Professor Ian Hamley from the University’s Department of Chemistry noted that “Studies like this are very important for the consumer, as cosmetic companies rarely publish their work so rivals can’t copy their products.”

Which is part of the reason why the Revitol’s formula is proprietary.


One of the most exciting breakthroughs in recent cosmetics, Argireline specifically targets tension-related wrinkles and deep lines caused by laughing and frowning, making for an excellent addition to this formulation.


Often touted in the press as the proverbial “fountain of youth”, this naturally occurring acid works to gently exfoliate and infuse moisture on a cellular level.

How Does It Work?

Basically, Revitol cream is an anti-aging product that seems to have well-balanced ingredients. It uses several active ingredients to help you get rid of early wrinkles or other signs of aging in your skin.

The formula is somewhat similar to the solution we chose as on our list. It firms and lifts your skin as it targets wrinkles. It also apparently can keep your skin hydrated all day long.

The process of applying Revitol is fairly easy, as well. Just cleanse and then dry off the area to be treated, and then rub in a little of Revitol’s anti-aging solution, and let it begin to act.

After your skin absorbs the lotion, you follow that with Revitol’s serum. This helps to tighten the skin, and you’ll actually feel this happening.

Before you go to bed at night, you’ll complete your treatment. Apply the cream over your whole face before you rest for the evening, and let it absorb fully into the skin. This will help the anti-aging treatment to work fully.

Within several weeks, you probably will notice that your skin looks visibly younger, with a glow that is more radiant. Your skin should also be softer and firmer. That seems like a lot for one product to accomplish so we decided to dig deeper, to see just how Revitol supposedly works.

Where to Buy Revitol Anti Aging Cream

We definitely recommend the use of the Revitol Anti Aging Cream for those looking to erase or reduce the signs of aging. It takes a very scientific approach to lines and wrinkles and uses deep moisturizing and firming treatments to tackle the signs of aging from the inside out.

We love the potent ingredient list, including Argirilene, a botox alternative and muscle relaxer to diminish and smoothen wrinkles on the deepest level possible while avoiding cosmetic injections.

We also like that a full guarantee is in place, this assures the buyer that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their product and is willing to back that up with a lengthy guarantee long after the products have been put to use.

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