Rejuvalex is a broad-spectrum dietary supplement fortified with a blend of biotin, collagen, multi-vitamins, and essential nutrients that promise to nourish the scalp at the cellular level, replenish depleted follicles, and support instant regrowth of natural hair.

Rejuvalex is a supplement which designed to promote healthy hair and help you keep the right things in balance to ensure most favorable hair growth and maintenance. The combination of the below-mentioned vitamins and minerals while adding silica, will help the health of hair and scalp and return hair luster as well.

Rejuvalex active ingredients can slow down or stop the continuance of hair loss silica extract helps to restore dormant follicle naturally.

Ingredients in Rejuvalex

Biotin; it’s water-soluble vitamin and biotin play important role in the health of nails, skin, and hair and also known as Vitamin B7, in addition, helps to prevent hair breakage and enhance the elasticity of hair against dryness.

NIACIN; having enough amount of niacin is important for general health and it’s higher amount improves cholesterol level and reduce cardiovascular risk. In addition, helpful to promote nutrition circulation to the scalp.

VITAMIN A; it’s fat soluble vitamin and very powerful antioxidant and is very vital to overall health in specific to hair helps to produce healthy sebum in scalp.

VITAMIN B12; it’s very important for your body and different in nature with other vitamins and help to make DNA and RBC (red blood cells ). In addition, make healthy RBC to transport oxygen to scalp and follicle as well.

SILICA; role of silica in human body and health still not clear yet but known benefit is positive effect on skin hair and nails. Silica also important to form collagen which is important protein keep skin wrinkle free and elastic. In hair loss problem helps to maintain elasticity and sequentially maintain and maintain hair luster.

VITAMIN B COMPLEX; it’s sum of vitamin (B2,B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B12) helpful to convert our food to energy to allow us keep energizes all day. In addition helps to prevent from hair thinning and hair loss as well. Prevent from weakening of hair structure.


Where to Buy Rejuvalex

In order to buy rejuvalex, you have to go to it’s official website. Due it’s high demand rejuvalex not available in local stores. Their delivery service is very quick. you will receive your order within 2 to 3 days after submitting your address details.

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