What is MelaLuna?

MelaLuna is a product that aids in sleep. It comprises of natural ingredients that help an individual suffering from sleep disorders to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for a long time. It can be used every day till one gets into a sleep pattern. It comes in the form of capsules which need to be taken about 2 hours before one wants to sleep.

Unlike most sleeping pills that are available MelaLuna doesn’t get one into the habit of consuming it. You can take MelaLuna capsules only when you want.  It can help people sleep for about 6 to 8 hours. It lowers stress and anxiety by supporting longer sleep time and helps in enhancing energy and intellectual clarity.

What Are MelaLuna Ingredients?

This sleeping aid contains all-natural ingredients and no Gluten. These ingredients are clinically proven to aid in cognitive health, stress management, mental energy, and sleep quality.

The list of ingredients in MelaLuna:

  • Melatonin: Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycles. In sleeping aids like MelaLuna, it helps signal your body to prepare for sleep. This ingredient’s effects on falling asleep faster are proven.
  • Chamomile Flower: Chamomile Flower extract contains phenolic flavonoids. The flavonoids are proven to improve sleep and relaxation. It also combats anxiety and stress by calming and relaxing the mind.
  • Passion Flower: Passion flower extract increases the brain’s GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels. This improves sleep quality and reduces anxiety. It’s proven to counter generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) while improving sleep. This ingredient can also help with nervousness, insomnia, and quick wakefulness.
  • Valerian Extract: Valerian extract from the herb’s roots combats insomnia, mental stress, and anxiety. This ingredient acts as a sedative on the brain, allowing you to fall asleep faster. It can also help you achieve a deeper REM sleep for better sleep and rest.
  • Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm combats restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia. This ingredient works by stimulating a calming effect on the body by promoting the right hormone and neurotransmitter balance. It’s proven to improve GABA levels while promoting its anti-anxiety benefits.
  • L-Tryptophan: L-Tryptophan contains an amino acid called Tryptophan. This amino acid promotes melatonin and serotonin production. This helps improve sleep quality and sleep-wake cycles. Supplements with L-Tryptophan have shown to improve sleep quality while countering anxiety.

What Are The Benefits Of MelaLuna?

The list of benefits for MelaLuna:

  • Improves The Sleep Cycles: The stimulated neurotransmitters support a healthy sleep-wake cycle while improving sleep duration and quality.
  • Aids In Relaxation: It helps lower anxiety and combats mental stress that can prevent you from experiencing mental relaxation.
  • Heightens Mental Energy Levels: The ingredients improve mental energy and gives you better clarity.
  • Supports Healthy Sleep: It combats insomnia to make sleeping a restful affair.

How Does MelaLuna Work?

MelaLuna has been made with a triple action formula which first reduces stress and anxiety so one can relax completely. Second, it treats sleep disorders and supports healthy and restful sleep. Finally, it improves focus, mental clarity and enhances the energy levels in the body.

Our brain works better after getting proper rest. MelaLuna results are quite amazing because MelaLuna positive reviews are floating all over the internet.

How To Use MelaLuna?

The steps to using MelaLuna to improve sleep:

  1. Take 2 pills (with water) about 1-2 hours before going to sleep.
  2. MelaLuna works quickly to help you relax and fall asleep.
  3. You will wake up refreshed after getting the required amount of sleep.

This sleep supplement isn’t for children. It’s also not tested on pregnant women. So, consult your doctor if you are pregnant/nursing before using this supplement.

Where Can I Buy MelaLuna?

MelaLuna can be purchased from their website. If you want to use an original product, then ensure that you don’t make a purchase from the other websites that may offer MelaLuna at discounted rates or lower prices than what the original website is offering. Always make a purchase from the original website of MelaLuna only.

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