Idol Lash is a type of cream you apply to your eyelashes that they state is clinically proven to increase eyelash length and density. They explain Idol Lash contains all natural ingredients, is completely safe to use, and if you apply it regularly you’ll have long, thick, beautiful eyelashes and see visible effects in only 28 days.


Idol Lash boasts it contains 3 main ingredients to give you celebrity eyelashes. 

Kelp Extract: They state it contains laminaria angustata, a Japanese seaweed said to be high in iodine, calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and D. We couldn’t find any specific studies that cited it as a hair growth stimulator.

Honey Extract: Said to protect against dry and damaging weather and keep it soft and silky. Again, we couldn’t find any specific studies to back up this claim, but honey is often mentioned as an eyelash enhancer on many natural beauty/health websites (here’s a site that recommends mixing it with bird poop). 

Nettle Extract: They tout this as the “backbone” of the Idol Lash recipe stating it strengthens hair and stimulates growth at the root. Stinging nettle leaf has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years for hair loss and dozens of other ailments and there is some evidence taking it orally will help with an enlarged prostate.

Again, we could find no specific studies to show it helped regrow eyelashes. We did find one excited young blogger who started her own nettle eyelash experiment. She reported noticing a small difference in their length after 17 days but she also noted her eyes were irritated every morning (we say: that’s why they’re called “stinging nettles!”) 

Idol Lash Benefits:

There are a lot of benefits of using Idol Lash but I am going to share with you some of the best benefits of using it. Idol lash gives you confidence by making your eyelashes stunning and gorgeous.

It gives you money back guarantee too if you do not feel it the right thing. Once you try it you will love this product because I personally tried every home remedy to grow my eyelashes, some says use caster oil other say olive oil, even I tried vaseline too but believe me these are all lies, nothing gives you longer and healthier eyelashes than this product.

It is the key to grow your eyelash and eyebrows longer and denser because it has all those ingredients which are specially used to grow hair healthier, stronger and longer without any harm.

How To Use Idol Lash?

Before you apply this eyelash enhancer, you should first remove all makeup and other debris from your eyelids and eyelashes. You can do this with a gentle and natural cleaner.

Then you can proceed with applying the product to your eyelashes and it will do all of the work while you are sleeping.

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