Cellogica is a “powerful” day and night cream that works instantly to dramatically reduce wrinkles, minimize crow’s feet, increase skin’s barrier against UV rays and free radicals, even skin tone, and reduce blemishes.

Cellogica does this using an exclusive formulation of stem cell technology and MAC-5 Complex, both of which can stimulate collagen production, firm skin, soften lines and wrinkles, shrink pores, and help maintain moisture. It’s clinically proven to work!

How Does Cellogica Work?

The primary cause of skin aging is the depletion of skin stem cells as we age. The stem cells in our skin are limited in number and have a life expectancy.

Cellogica Day and Night creams use Stem Cell Technology to stop and reverse the loss of your skin’s stem cells. Upon application, the cream enters the skin. The ingredients begin to soften the cells underneath.

Another major cause of skin aging is exposure to the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB radiation. This product works to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier against the sun’s rays.

Cellogica Ingredients

This advanced wrinkle solution has been formulated with active ingredients that are patented and clinically proven. These essential ingredients are already time-tested when it comes to nourishing skin cells thus assuring you a skin that is wrinkle free and looks more youthful. It is packed with active nutrients and powerful antioxidants. Most important of all, this product is totally safe to use.

Typically, Cellogica contains multiple active ingredients that work with the body in order to come up with a good result for the skin. It works great in making the skin look better, get rid of those skin imperfections and reverse the process of skin ageing. Once Cellogica skin care is applied to the skin, the cream penetrates to the membranes of the skin thus maximizing its effect.

This product has created in order to increase the production of collagen in the skin which leaves a healthier, younger and refreshed skin. It ideally works at cellular level and at the same attacking the causes of premature skin ageing. This product delivers the active ingredients into the skin cells in order to make it completely wrinkled-free and moisturized. Also, the ingredients reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Where To Buy Cellogica

This product is available on the company’s website. It includes both day and night creams as a package.

Those who would like to try Cellogica may want to make their purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website. As many of the affiliates seem to be re-using before and after pictures and ingredient lists, they may not be the most trustworthy source for such trials.

Certainly, these could simply be oversights on their behalf, but when it comes to the health of your skin, taking chances is not a good idea. Therefore, going directly through the Cellogica website is the safest route.

Free trial offers are also available on the company’s website. Availing of it automatically subscribes you to a monthly supply of the product.


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